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quality products


The Sundus Traders realize the importance of the quality of paper  in carton manufacturing and always. Procure board from the branded craft manufacturers from international markets and local producers.


The loading of the goods is an important job to insure the goods must be dispatched and received by the customer in satisfactory condition.

a) Inspection report is developed at the stages of loading and final inspection is made by the quality supervisor Snap of the truck is also attached to the final loading inspection sheet to avoid any irresponsibility.


a) The production manager received the production order from the marketing dept on
b) Issue the production order with the details of raw material to be used for the specific
c) The production order is passed to the foreman through the production in charge.
d) The foreman is responsible for the in-time completion of the order.
e) During production the competent quality inspector checks the quality of goods and
f) After the completion of the specific job the production order is returned back to the specified register. carton on the basis of already decided quality. endorse their signature at each stage of production. production in charge and then production is verified by the production manager.


The ready production is finally inspected in the internal lab which is fully equipped with the latest lab equipment finally the cartons are checked by the quality manager and on the basis of  level and on his decision the goods are defined for dispatch.


1-Our management always purchases paper from approved suppliers. and always maintain the stocks for six months and do not believe in the day-to-day purchase to ensure the quality of our finished goods.

2- As soon as the purchased paper reached the factory. the complete examination of the paper is done by the receiving quality inspector, the bursting strength and the gsm of the paper are checked on the spot and after approval by the management, the goods are unloaded to the godown.

3- As our major customers working with the leading chains of the world.

We have to take special care of the requirement of the end-user and always use the raw material according to their needs. and  the specific  quality of paper and flute is specified for  the different  styles of cartons

4- As the towel is a fluffy item and never supports the upper carton in stacking so we have to take special care for bursting and etc the tests are done at different stages corrugation process

5- A production order is issued duly signed by the production manager for the corrugation of paper with the required quality of paper and the flute.

6- A production officer provides the required  paper to the production house and take responsibility For the corrugation till the job is done



Our Flexible Plant uses 15 different quality testing machines from around the world, to ensure the specifications of our products. At sundus we take our job as your Preferred Packaging Partner seriously and only deliver products that are tested and retested by our Quality Control department.